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The weather is starting to change & it’s as if mother nature herself, is doing everything she can to show us fall is the perfect time for change. So…if you’re considering moving or trying to plan out the best time to make your move, here are 5 reasons why you should move in the fall.

1. Pleasant Weather

One of the best things about fall is that it’s not hot or cold. The transition to crisp air means that you won’t be sweating while carrying boxes, nor will you have to worry about dealing with ice as you move. Plus if your lucky…you may have friends that are willing to help as they are back into a routine with summer holidays over with!

2. Less Popular Moving Season

Fall often tends to be a more neglected time to relocate. The widely held belief is that the best time to move is either spring or summer, but moving in the fall will make reserving movers or a rental truck, much easier to fit your schedule. Plus moving mid season moves tend to be cheaper in the off seasons. Moving companies typically compete to have the best price or better deal during the off seasons, leaving you with more room in your wallet. Sellers might also be motivated to lower their prices in the fall and winter due to a less competitive market.

3. Easy for Children

If you are moving in the fall, it may be easier for kids to adjust than in the busier seasons. since school starts in fall, the transition to a new community & school will be much easier than moving mid-session. Timing your move can make a big difference in helping your children feel more comfortable with all the changes.

4. Move Before the Holidays

The closer you get to winter, the more inclement weather & holiday obligations you have to plan around. Moving during the holidays can be challenging as you try to balance family & friends with moving priorities such as packing & cleaning. Moving in the fall means by-passing all of the holiday disarray so you can actually settle in & enjoy your new home before it gets busy.

5. Discounts Are Everywhere

Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of back to school or pre-holiday specials, & when it comes to organization… you can also save money with storage solutions for everyone & everything. Most big box stores have their best discounts in the fall &… if you are more on the thrifty side, the fall can be a great time of year to get some vintage pieces for your new home. Plus…antique and thrift shops often have big fall sales to get ready for the new years offerings!

So…as we move indoors & pumpkin becomes an ingredient in just about everything, take advantage of the shorter days & comfier nights by choosing to move into your new home a little later in the year!

Keni-Lynn Bouvier is a licensed realtor with Royal LePage Mission & certified Stager who is part of the YYC Real Estate Club

she can be reached at 403-200-7077