Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Organize in October!

 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Organize in October!

 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Organize in October!

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Home Maintenance You Should Organize in October!

Clean your dryer vents!

A key indicator of a dryer vent needing to be cleaned is if clothes aren’t drying as fast as they usually do! Prevent buildup from the get-go by emptying your lint trap every single time you use your dryer. If your vent pipe is particularly long or has to snake around corners, you’re at a greater risk of a clog & may need to call in a professional!

Seal your outdoor surfaces!

Cold temperatures & snow can cause paint to peel, leading to moisture intrusion & wood rot, so protect your exterior surfaces by applying a stain & or sealant.

Store your yard furniture!

The fastest way to make your outdoor furniture look distressed is to leave it out in the elements. Store your grill, deck chairs, & outdoor sets in a shed or garage. If you don’t have the storage space, invest in durable covers for your furniture to protect it from winter elements.

Stow that hose!

If you live where it snows, it’s a good idea to drain and store your garden hose before temps start dropping. Hoses with water in them will freeze and burst! Next, shut off the water supply to your external faucets. Then drain the line by turning the faucet on & letting the residual water drain out. For extra protection from freezing temps, install a foam insulator cover over each external faucet.

Do a fall cleaning!

Open those windows up wide & do a thorough fall cleaning that includes dusting areas you don’t normally clean, like ceiling fans & light fixtures. Also…wash draperies, dust blinds, remove screens & wash the windows inside & out.

Feed & seed your lawn!

After a hot summer your lawn could probably use a bit of extra TLC, and seeding is proven to be the most effective way to repair damage. Plus, by seeding now—before the first frost of the season—you can allow seeds to begin taking root in the soil & get a jump on spring growth.

Inspect your gutters & downspouts!

Maintaining gutters & downspouts, which direct water away from your home, can go a long way toward preventing roof leaks—especially if you live in an older home! This is particularly important during autumn, since its prime time for those gutters to get clogged with fallen leaves & debris .It’s best to clear leaves, dirt, & pine needles from gutters & examine downspouts for damage or loose pieces. Also…use a hose to flush out small bits of debris & check the underside of gutters to ensure no water leaks through. Inspect the downspout to confirm that water is running freely & away from your home. & lastly… inspect the flashing around your chimney & any openings in the roof (like skylights) for leaks.

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