The top retail store chains invest heavily in creating just the right lighting to make their products look great.


They know that lighting makes a measurable difference in sales.

The same is true when you sell your home.

Lighting can make a big difference on the 1st impression your home has on buyers.

There are two types of light sources, manufactured and natural.

You need to consider both when staging your home for sale.

Think about the mood you want to create in each room.

For example, you might want the kitchen to seem bright with task lighting under cabinets or above the island. If yours isn’t like that, check whether you are using the correct wattage suitable for your fixtures. Also…consider changing out all your bulbs to LED for energy efficiency & brightness options.

 Also, look for ways to bring in more sunshine.

Switching curtains for blinds in the living room helps create a cozier-home-y feel.

Also…incorporate table lamps that cast a softer task light as opposed to more imposing overhead lighting.

Pay particular attention to dimly lit rooms in your home.

Adding LED lighting to a pantry or lower cabinets can make the space become more user friendly.

Also…check that lighting is adequate in the garage and walk-in closets for usability.

Last but not least, make sure all lights in your home work during viewings. Make sure you have spare bulbs available in case of a burn-out!

The last thing you want is a buyer to turn on a light and discover it’s not working…leaving the impression that the property is un-kept!

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Keni-Lynn Bouvier is a licensed realtor with Royal LePage Mission & certified Stager who is part of the YYC Real Estate Club

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